Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan reveals he can play the bagpipes

Made In Chelsea Star’s Secret Hobby Will Make You Love Him Even More

Made In Chelsea could get a whole lot more musical in series 7 if the lovely Andy Jordan has anything to do with the newest scenes.

We caught up with the star on the London leg of his UK tour at the 229 club last month, where he took us backstage to tell us how getting dumped inspires his songwriting, and explained how he really got into music.

While the broker-turned-reality TV star makes us melt every time he sings, it’s his latest confession about a secret hobby which we’ve no doubt will have him turning girls away come series 7.

Andy Jordan plays the bagpipes. Yep, you heard it here first, people.

Talking about how he finds inspiration for his songs, he told us: ‘I’ll got a loads of melodies that I’ll be playing on the guitar the whole time, but I can never find lyrics to them, and then suddenly something will happen, like I’ll get dumped, and then suddenly you have lyrics. I do it all by ear. I’ve never had a guitar lesson. I can read music because I played the bagpipes at school. No-one knows this. I was thinking of picking them up again because I miss it.’

Say whaaaat?

He added: ‘My grandfather was a Scotsman and he was a big piper. He was an incredible bagpipe player. I was thinking of maybe practicing and then in January when we start filming, doing Burns Night. I’ve got all Scottish heritage. We were sitting at home one day and my grandfather was really ill, with emphysema, and he couldn’t play his pipes. He played nearly until his death bed. He’s got two beautiful sets of pipes and said he was going to sell them on eBay. But one’s been in the family for like over 100 years. So we said, “Noooo!”. And he said, “Well no-one’s playing it.” So they all looked at me. We had a teacher at school.

‘I can play Scotland The Brave. It’s really fun, I love it. It’s really emotional. I haven’t played them since my granddad died…’

Hands up who wants to give him a hug? Get in line…

By Rebecca Martin

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