Made In Chelsea: See Louise Thompson’s AMAZING Shoot for Topman

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson has teamed up with Topman Generation to help the brand celebrate its 1st birthday – and the pictures are enough to bring Andy Jordan out in a cold sweat.

Louise has vamped up her image for the gorgeous snaps, but her body isn’t the only thing she’s laid bare. Read what she has to say about Spencer’s style, and who she thinks is the vainest boy on set…

Hi, Louise! How has the SW3 look changed since the show started?

We all pride ourselves on our appearances more. I think our wardrobes have all increased tenfold, with fashion blogs as proof – check out Proudlock and Rosie’s as examples. I used to just wear my favourite pieces over again, but now I hate wearing the same garment twice.

I like to play dress up and be more experimental and I wear a lot of accessories. I hate to look boring and I don’t think you can look boring if you go overboard with accessories.

You’re studying in Scotland, which is cold – how do you stay cosy and stylish?

I own a lot of coats. They’re the staple of any Edinburgh wardrobe as you rarely get to show off anything you wear underneath. Expensive coats are worth it but I’m partial to a faux fur collar as long as the rest of your outfit isn’t tacky. I love knitted jumpers and this season I’m a big fan of geometric prints or anything with bold colours. I also like wearing big boyfriend jumpers too, because they’re the warmest.

Which of the Made In Chelsea boys would you most like to re-style?

Richard. I don’t really think he has a style, so that could be improved. It’s nice when someone’s style reflects their personality but he wears too eclectic a mixture of things, it’s undefinable.

Which MIC boy is getting it right? Who would you let dress you up for a night out?

Proudlock always gets it right. His outfits stand out from the others without being too garish. And I know for fact that he has good taste in women’s clothes too.

Do you think you could ever love someone with a terrible dress sense?

I’ve had several boyfriends and none of them have dressed badly. Of course I could love someone with sh*t dress sense, but its unlikely that we’d end up together in the first place… I’m attracted to people who stand out from the crowd and this is usually down to an outfit. If I went out with someone who dressed badly I would have to interfere.

Who is vainest – Andy, Spencer or Jamie? 

I think they’re all vain. But in a good way. Spencer told me that he has dreams about his teeth falling out every night and that its because of vanity! 

To view the full shoot and interview click on Topman Generation’s 1st birthday issue right here. RM