Made In Chelsea Season 6 Return Date FINALLY Revealed!

Made In Chelsea fans can stop trawling E4’s Twitter, stalking Spencer Matthews‘ Instagram and throwing stones at chez ProudlockBoulle to get the goss on when Season 6 hits our TV screens because the wait is finally over!

SW3’s silver-spoon crew are making their much-awaited return (drum roll please) on the 14th October, so clear your Monday night’s until Christmas because you’re bound to be on the edge of your seats judging by S6’s filming fiascos so far.

Not only has straight-talking Lucy Watson already spilled on her less-than-friendly relationship with her ex’s latest squeeze Stephanie Pratt, but Spenny and The Hills star were spotted arguing at a posh ‘do and Andy Jordan recently admitted to “hating” Mr Matthews. Well, in this ex-fest area, what were you expecting!?

As long as Francis is filmed at least once bombing down Kings Road on his skateboard we’ll be happy, so E4 have got a pretty easy crowd to please.

But Binky better get her rest in quick as her peace-making skills are going to be in high-demand this season – we literally can’t wait!

By Claire Blackmore

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