Made In Chelsea Season 6: Louise Thompson Gets Blunt About Stephanie Pratt!

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson has to win the prize for the most mature celebrity ex-girlfriend of all time, as she’s only come out and said that she’s Stephanie Pratt (new gf of ex-Spencer Matthews)’s number one fan! 

Yep, just as we were all gearing up for dramatic death stares and ballsy bitch fights between Spenny’s current and former flames in Season 6 of the hit E4 reality show, Weez goes and acts all lovely and ladylike and admits about her love rat ex’s new arm candy: “I actually really like Stephanie”. Oh!

Speaking to Reveal magazine, 23-year-old Louise confessed: “I didn’t like her in The Hills, as she seemed at bit crazy, but she’s totally not like that. If anything, Stephanie is one of the most normal and down to earth people in our group of friends. I really like her.” Say whaaat?!

Just last month Louise was spotted styling out an awkward-looking run-in with ex-boyf Spenny and new snogging-partner Stephanie while filming the new series of MIC in London. But by the sounds of it, it’s been less bitter back-stabbing and more beautiful bonding between this unlikely trio of co-stars.

“I can’t wait to see her on the show”, Louise added about season six’s brand new LA addition. “Stephanie and Spencer are so loved-up. It’s all good.”

Seems that Spencer’s not the only one who’s been bowled over by the American beauty. This Steph sounds alright, doesn’t she?

By Robyn Munson

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