Made In Chelsea Season 6: Binky Felstead Talks Spencer & Lucy Drama!

Made In Chelsea Season 6 is shaping up to be a goodun – not only will we see the arrival of Spencer Matthews‘ new girlfriend Stephanie Pratt, but resident peacemaker Binky Felstead has now revealed that we definitely haven’t seen the end of the Spenny/Lucy Watson fireworks…

Speaking about the hit E4 show’s much-awaited sixth series, the 23-year-old told Digital Spy: “You’ll see a lot more drama from Lucy. She’s the queen of drama. Obviously her and Spencer, I think everyone knows he’s not been the best boy…”

“She’s not the biggest fan of Spencer, I’m not going to lie. You can expect a few tears and a bit of anger in the new series”, she continued about her best gal pal, who ditched the lady-loving lothario after he admitted to cheating on her at the end of the last series. What was that about season six being “relatively chilled” for you, Spenny? Pfft.

But Binks assured us that she’ll of course still be on hand to provide our fave weekly champagne-squaffing counselling sessions with BFF Lucy and mummy Felstead. “You’ll see that it’s just me talking to her and helping her out through relationship issues and certain scenarios and how certain friendships may progress, let’s just say”, she added.

So is it going to be as drama-packed as season five? “It’s just going to get better and better and better, I think”, Binky said. “Most reality TV shows don’t, so it’s quite nice that we’ve somehow managed to keep it all exciting – think it’s about injecting new people in.” 

Rest assured, lady. We’re still obsessed.

By Robyn Munson

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