Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock Takes Tips From Ryan Gosling

 Made In Chelseas Proudlock ventured outside of West London last night for an evening of very different sorts.

Joining Join Lewis’ ‘Knit Nation’ in the capital, Francis Boulle’s BFF embraced his inner granny as he took on a knitting class accompanied by the new generation of hip young things.

But it seems there could be an ulterior motive to Proudlock’s new past time. Giving us his verdict at the event, the fashion-savvy star confessed, “I’m definitely going to start knitting, it’s so relaxing.”

“I used to think it was a really feminine hobby but if Ryan Gosling can do it then it most definitely isn’t!  It’s so social as well, you can knit and chat, knit and chat.”

If it’s Gosling chat he wants, we can definitely be of service.

“I’m thinking of bringing my first knitwear collection out next season which is a totally new thing for Serge DeNimes, it would really help if I could hand knit some prototypes,” he added.

You heard it here first, folks.

With all this knitting action, it’s a wonder he finds time to attend any mass pool parties with the MIC lot, “I’ve got so much going on out of Made In Chelsea at the minute and I’ve been busy sourcing new factories to manufacture my new ranges.”

Proudlock has joined the Campaign for Wool, find out more online now.

By Jessica Bridgeman

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