Made In Chelsea: Our 5 Favourite Moments From Last Night’s Episode

Made In Chelsea returned to our screens last night for another brilliant episode which saw us laughing, crying, cringing, swooning and hiding behind our cushions as the SW3 gang got up to more crazy antics. 

Jamie Laing, Andy Jordan, Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead and new cast members Phoebe-Lettice Thompson and Olivia and Fran Newman Young headed to Verbier for snow-based frolics, leaving Oliver Proudlock to babysit an angry Spencer Matthews back in Chelsea. Meanwhile, Cheska is feeling a little bit like a fifth wheel while Ollie enjoys movie nights with his new girlfriend and Binky hooks up with Lucy.  

Here are our top moments from last night’s episode. It just gets better and better…

1. Three words: Andy’s bare bum. We certainly weren’t expecting naked hot tub antics, but Andy ‘accidentally’ thrusting his bare bod and meaty thighs in front of the camera pretty much made our night. 

2. Jamie confessed he has a girlfriend. Which he conveniently forgot to tell Lucy and Phoebe about, despite flirting with them both all holiday. NAUGHTY. 

3. Proudlock babysat a pouty Spencer and it was just too cute for words. Please be our life coach, Ollie? 

4. Cheska shed many tears over ‘losing’ her BFF, Binky. Hasn’t she heard of online stalking? 

5. Francis fell over in the snow repeatedly, wearing a ski suit that looked like a five-year-old’s pyjamas and showed us his snow-soaked bottom. (OK, that’s three, but we love him).  

Roll on next week! 

By Rebecca Martin, 16th April 2013

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