Made In Chelsea’s Mimi Bouchard Goes On Angry Twitter Rant Following Last Night’s Episode

Mimi wasn't happy...

Mimi Bouchard has definitely proved to be a controversial character since joining E4’s hit reality show Made In Chelsea.

After unashamedly making a play for Liv Bentley’s boyfriend, fans weren’t too impressed with the Canadian newbie.

And now the 20-year-old has divided viewers even further after having a summer romance with Sam Thompson on the show – when he was on a ‘break’ with girlfriend and co-star Tiffany Watson.

Made In Chelsea: Ibiza season finale aired last night

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Eesh, she’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, is she!? But to be fair, taking on one of the Watson ladies is pretty brave…

Now all the drama has unfolded, and Sam didn’t seem to want to make things work with Tiff OR Mimi, the Canadian hasn’t appeared too happy.

Last night’s episode saw Mimi attempt to try and convince Tiff to ‘get over it’ and be civil for the sake of the group, which unsurprisingly went down like a lead balloon with Lucy Watson’s sister.

But the cherry on top was when her former flame Sam Thompson defended his ex of three years, telling Mimi she was being ‘naive’ for trying to be friends with Tiff.

After the drama aired last night, Mimi took to Twitter to rant to her ten thousand followers.

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‘Really over fake people,’ the petite beauty began. ‘There’s a difference between angry and cruel’

She continued: ‘If you’re happy with yourself and how you act and who you really are deep down THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS’

‘Most importantly always go with your gut. Make decisions that fulfill you. Learn from your mistakes and hold on to those REAL friends. [sic]’

The Chelsea star then apologised: ‘Sorry for the rant just seriously can’t deal rn [sic]’

Finally, she shared: ‘What you DON’T do is just as important as what you DO. All the decisions you make today in your life affect you in the long run. The things that you’re telling yourself, the people you’re surrounding yourself with – they stay with you. Think of the bigger picture.’

Wise words, Mimi!