MIC’s Louise Thompson Admits Boyfriend Ryan Libbey Is Finding Things Tough

The Made In Chelsea beauty opens up about her new relationship, and says boyfriend Ryan has been affected by the constant social media trolls...

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson has always come across as a woman with pretty thick skin. And after facing a fair bit of criticism for moving on from ex Alik Alfus with personal trainer Ryan Libbey, the MIC lady has decided to hit back.

Up until now, Louise has kept relatively quiet about her new relationship, bar a fair few loved up Instagram pics posted online.

However, the petite star has now confessed that the constant comparisons of Ryan to Alik, whom many MIC fans adored, have been getting to the couple.

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‘He’s a really sensitive guy and he’s had a lot of people getting involved,’ she said about Ryan. ‘I find it funny but he doesn’t, it’s hard to convince someone not to care, everyone wants to be loved.’


Louise also revealed that her new boyfriend has actually asked her to no longer speak to her ex Alik, as he finds it a tricky subject.

‘I would love to be friends with all my exes and forgive and forget’, Louise said. ‘When you’ve spent so much time getting to know someone it feels like a bit of a waste throwing it away to nothing.

‘My current boyfriend is my priority now and he feels quite strongly about exes – it’s kind of a taboo word. For the sake of him I think I’m not going to be best friends with Alik.

‘And it’s fair on Alik, he needs to move on with his life – can’t keep giving him false hope.’

Louise also addressed THAT fall-out with co-star Stephanie Pratt, who accused Louise of cheating on Alik with her new man.

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‘I don’t take that lightly,’ Louise admitted. ‘I try to let things slide but when she tweeted… I don’t know why she felt the need to get so worked up.

‘Luckily, if you’re secure and stable with the person you’re with, none of this matters. Before I haven’t been that stable, but I explained to Ryan it’s not true and he knows what she’s like.

‘He will always have my back as relationships are a team.’

Weez added: ‘Screw her! There’s no point even trying to entertain having an argument. There’s no love lost. Talking about her is boring. She takes the whole show too seriously.’