Did MiC’s Louise Thompson Just Confirm That She’s Seeing Alik Alfus Again?!

We spoke to MiC's Louise Thompson about holiday skincare and summer wardrobe staples.

As the English summer continues to do its typically British thing of being quite a bit rainy and disappointing, it’s often hard to not find yourself wondering how the other half are spending their summer months…

We give you, Louise Thompson- a gal’ blessed with the ability to make holidaying look like a darn art form. *Sigh*.

So, what has Miss Thompson got up her sleeve for the forthcoming few weeks?

A lot of sunshine, it would appear, as the MiC gal’ has shared with us that she’s planning ‘planning a weekend in the English countryside for my best friend’s birthday, a trip to Barcelona, a trip to New York, surprising my dad in Spain, Ibiza and last but certainly not least, Mykonos’.

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Did you catch that? ‘A trip to New York’. And who lives in New York? Oh, only Alik Alfus- Louise’s ex-boyfriend. Hmm… did we miss something here?!

Love this! @thelouisethompson #regram

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But anyway, all speculation aside- with so many trips in the diary, we simply must know how Louise Thompson makes her skincare routine jet-friendly.

And guess what?! We’ve only gone and found out!

Louise shares, ‘I will remove my makeup with calendula face wash by Kiehls and use my Phillips VisaPure. Then I mix it up with products depending on how dry and dehydrated my face feels. Sometimes I use an Estee Lauder Night repair’. 

The MiC beauty continues, ‘During the Summer months your body is on display a lot more so I will always moisturise in the evening before bed after a day in the sun. I love using the Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Hand & Body Lotion’. 

Overcast skies call for my brightest swimsuit. ?

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Louise is also keeping her body looking super smooth using Patisserie de Bain Violet Hand & Body Lotion (£4.99, Superdrug). ‘I love the Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Hand & Body Lotion, its super moisturising and smells so yummy- reminds me of being a child in a sweet shop!’

Skincare aside, exactly *what* does Miss Thompson fling into the suitcase for her sunshine getaways?

PB112 Lemon Bon-Bon Hand Cream Tube

Well, the MiC gal’ has told us that her holiday wardrobe staples include ‘Statement necklaces, Chanel espadrilles, denim dungarees for lounging or travelling and a few Linen and silk kaftans’.

Louise adds, ‘I love all things colourful, printed, tasseled, beaded and pom pom’d at the moment’. Yup, us too Lou. 

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Oh, and for the true Louise Thomspon-esque holiday look, we should be finishing with a ‘bold neon orange, or neon pink or red lip and a minimal eye make up’.

Also, accessorising with killer abs is optional.

Alice Perry