Made In Chelsea’s JP Admits He Once Considered Suicide

Made in Chelsea‘s Josh Patterson has got honest about depression and taken part in an incredibly brave interview in which he revealed that he once considered suicide.

In honour of Time To Talk day in the UK, which encourages open discussion around mental health, the handsome Chelsea resident opened up on Good Morning Britain. And it was emotional. 

Admitting that it was family issues at home that first affected him mentally, Binky Felstead’s boyfriend said: ‘My issues started at a very young age.’

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‘My parents, who are phenomenal, unfortunately had their differences, it was quite an unhappy marriage for them, which unfortunately affected my sister and I.’

Josh continued: ‘I think it began at nine or ten for me, being exposed to the arguments, they never intentionally did it, but unfortunately that was the case. So I started to be affected mentally by that.’

JP went on to say that after their divorce, his behaviour at school became ‘erratic’ and ‘aggressive’ as he attempted to cope with the situation at home.


‘When I was getting home, my aggression with my parents, I was smashing things and I think it was just a way of relieving that anger within me’, he admitted.

The E4 star then confessed that things reached a head when he started contemplating suicide. 

‘It was only until one evening when things got too much’, said Josh. ‘I’ve always thought I was a very headstrong kind of guy, but it got to the point where I thought I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s when suicide sort of came into play.’

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Describing the night he hit rock bottom, Josh said: ‘I ended up messaging some friends of mine and just saying, “This is it guys, I just can’t take it anymore.”‘ 

‘But I had that hesitation straight after and I think by doing that I kind of realised there was so much great in my life and I had such wonderful parents and such an amazing sister to support me, I kind of thought it was selfish to act out like that.’


Thankfully, the next day, he arrived at school to find his teachers waiting for him to step in and help.

Phew. Talk about a brave interview, but an all-too important one – it’s time we all started ignoring the stigma around mental health and encourgaing honest and open discussions around depression, just like this one.