A Huge Made In Chelsea Fight’s Kicked Off In St Tropez

Blimety. So it’s safe to say St Tropez has just seen some serious Made In Chelsea drama going down.

As we know, the cast have been in the South of France filming this summer’s spin-off series, Made In Chelsea Cannes. But things turned nasty between pals Jamie Laing and Sam Thompson at the weekend when the pair were papped having a furious slanging match over Tiffany Watson.

In fact, things reportedly got so bad that Sam is said to have even got physical with Jamie. Eep.

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tiffany watson and sam thompson made in chelsea Sam is said to get angry when Jamie made a comment about his girlfriend, Tiff


‘Jamie was ordering drinks he said some nasty stuff to Tiff, which was uncalled for, apparently,’ an onlooker told MailOnline.

‘Sam asked Jamie to apologise as he insulted Tiff. Jamie brushed his shoulder as if to say, “You’re beneath me”. So Sam got angry and started swinging punches and as you can see Jamie reacted and swung too.’

sam thompson st tropez Sam was seen angrily shouting at Jamie, with bouncers reportedly having to step in to separate the boys


The photos certainly looked heated, with Jamie seen sitting on a sun lounger as a livid Sam leaned over shouting at him and Tiff watched, concerned, from the sidelines. Jamie’s girlfriend Frankie Gaff and several bouncers were then seen leaning in to break the fight up.

However, there’s been a twist in the tale, as Jamie’s rep has since come out and said that the boys weren’t fighting at all, and it definitely didn’t get physical. Hmm.

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made in chelsea cannes The MIC crew have spent the entire summer living it up in the South of France


‘There was no physical or verbal fight, Jamie and Sam were just in conversation with one another’, the rep said.

It’s also thought that the ‘situation’ didn’t occur during filming hours, so it isn’t thought to be a scene for Made In Chelsea.

Whatever happened, we seriously hope they’ve made up. See here for the photos of the fight.