So, Last Night’s Made in Chelsea Revealed An *Explosive* Love Drama…

Who is involved in the latest Made in Chelsea love triangle?!

You know what they say- it ain’t a Made in Chelsea dinner party till several friendships are ruined and someone sulks off before dessert.

As expected, as the MiC gang gathered round their Cannes dinner table for another of their infamous dinner parties, it all kicked off. In a big way.

Had Lucy Watson told someone to ‘get out my grill’ again? Had Spencer Matthews decided to come back and cheat on another girlfriend? Had Victoria re-called Cheska a ‘fat turkey’?!

Well. actually- last nights topic of dinner-party-conversation was another love scandal. Because, what else?!

So, who was the guilty party this time?

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During last nights episode, it all came to light that Jamie’s best friend Alex Mytton had been ‘trying it on’ with his girlfriend, Frankie Gaff- as revealed by Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson.

So here’s what happened- whilst chowing down on some top notch grub, Jamie became irritated after Sam told Frankie he had called dating her ‘hard work’.

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Naturally, it then all kicked off- as Jamie began shouting at Sam, to which he replied ‘Mate, you’re sitting next to a guy who tried it on with your girlfriend’.

And who was Jamie sitting next too? Oh, only Alex Mytton. AWKS.


As Alex attempted to deny the accusations, Jamie’s girlfriend Frankie confirmed that she had felt that he’d attempted to make advances on her, telling Alex: ‘The next morning when I woke up and people asked if I got with you, it was obviously bad for people to say that..’.

Frankie then added, ‘I kinda wanna clear it up because I don’t want you thinking I’d do that’.


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After it was revealed that Sam and Tiff had found out from Frankie herself, Tiff added ‘She told us the things you said to her; ‘We’d make such a good couple’.

Jamie’s girlfriend then added, ‘He said, ‘Jamie might as well not come back’, to which Alex defended that he’d been totally joking. Eek!

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As Jamie stormed off (sans dessert), Twitter decided to share their opinions over the revelation- mostly all were just slightly stressed out at the situation….

This latest MiC love-bump follows bit of a turbulent ride for Jamie and Frankie- after Jamie kissed a lady who was definitely not called ‘Frankie’ during his skiing trip last series.

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However Frankie did eventually forgave Jamie, so here’s hoping that the MiC couple manage to sort out this latest bout of love-drama!

Alice Perry