Made In Chelsea’s Frankie’s Instagram Causes Confusion

Made In Chelsea has had a few new additions this season, but one of the cutest has to be Frankie Gaff.

The 21-year-old was first introduced as Jamie Laing’s new love interest, but has since struck up a close friendship with fellow MIC ladies, Jess Woodley, Lucy Watson, Nicola Hughes and Binky Felstead.

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frankie gaff made in chelsea Frankie Gaff is Jamie Laing’s on/off girlfriend on Made In Chelsea…


And just as well, too, as Jamie’s already been up his naughty scamp ways, as we saw in the last episode when he came clean about ‘doing stuff’ with another girl whilst skiing with fellow party boy Alex Mytton.

Seriously, boys, when will you learn?

frankie gaff made in chelsea Now Jamie, don’t get jealous…


While Frankie and Jamie might be off the cards right now, the blonde beauty’s still built up a strong fanbase online, with many hoping she sticks around on MIC a while longer, Laing or no Laing.

Come on, how can you resist those dimples?

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frankie gaff made in chelsea She’s one super stylish lady…


However, something pretty LOLs has been happening on Frankie’s Instagram account. In fact, she’s left people REALLY confused.

frankie gaff made in chelsea Jamie admitted he cheated on Frankie in last week’s episode… WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?!


Because Gaff’s 24.5k followers simply can’t believe how different she looks online. No, we mean, they REALLY can’t. Here’s an example:

frankie gaff made in chelsea Frankie’s photos are full of comments just like this…


Some think it’s the hair, others the clothes, or perhaps just different angles? Either way, Made In Chelsea fans have been expressing their disbelief at on-screen Frankie vs. Instagram Frankie.

‘I don’t get how diff she looks in pictures’, one wrote.

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frankie gaff made in chelsea Some people think it’s down to knowing her angles…


‘She looks so so so different!’, agreed another.

‘Her whole face shape looks different, but actually on mic is pretty too’, said a third.

frankie gaff made in chelsea Looking hawt, lady!


To be honest, we think Frankie looks gorgeous both on-screen and off. But this isn’t half making us LOL… Because guys, it’s DEFINITELY THE SAME PERSON.

We’re sure Gaff is having a good laugh too right about now.

frankie gaff made in chelsea On or off-screen, there’s no denying Frankie’s a total stunner