Lucy Watson On Why Made In Chelsea *Isn’t* Fake

Let’s be honest, Lucy Watson’s facial expressions are one of the best things about Made In Chelsea.

Thanks to her grimaces, eye rolls and sarcastic grins, we always know exactly what the 25-year-old is thinking.


Then there are her withering put-downs. We certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Lucy’s acid tongue, but we kinda like watching others crumble at her words.

Soz, Spencer Matthews…


7 Times Lucy Watson’s Face Summed Up Our Lives

> Who could forget this classic moment?!


But despite this, Lucy’s admitted that she sometimes wishes she had more control over her face.

Speaking at the launch of TV service Hayu, she said: ‘There’s been times where I watch things back and think: “Did I actually say that?”

‘My facial expressions just run away with themselves. People print screen them and send them to me. If I could just get some awareness, that would be great.’


However, there is one benefit to (unintentionally) being so open. Lucy reckons it helps show viewers that she’s not being fake.

As you’re probably aware, reality shows such as MIC are often accused of being scripted. But Lucy insists that’s not the case.

She continued: ‘I think it’s important to forget [the cameras are there] otherwise it kind of breaks that fourth wall and isn’t as real. People see through fakeness.

> Lucy Watson reckons viewers can ‘see through fakeness’


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‘You can tell if someone is hiding something about them, for sure.’

And is she bothered that half the country have seen the ups and downs of her life over the past few years?



Apparently not. She added: ‘We’re okay with the fact that the really s*** times that we go through make people feel better about their lives.’

Lolz. We appreciate it, Lucy.