Made In Chelsea EXCLUSIVE: Andy Jordan Hits The LOOK Office

Made In Chelsea‘s Andy Jordan brightened up our Tuesday morning by visiting our offices for a coffee and a catch-up today.

And we’ve got to admit it – we’ve got a little bit of a crush on the 23-year-old broker-turned-MIC star. Andy answered all your questions on Twitter, flirted with our art team, played dress-up in the fashion cupboard, and gave us all the goss on Spencer Matthews, Louise Thompson AND new girl Sophia Sassoon.

We’ll share all our antics soon, but in the meantime, check out his answers to your questions below… enjoy! RM

@_XrachX_: Andy, what flavour ice-cream would u describe yourself as and why?

Andy: I would be one of the less subtle flavours… like mango, full of fruit.

@annunciatajbw: Are you Mark Francis’ secret half brother? 

Andy: Hmmmm, I’ll call my mum and ask her… #igetthatalot. 

@EmmaLowe89: Where can I accidentally stumble into you in a bar? 

Andy: Best place to stumble in to me is Moosh by Fulham Broadway, I go most days and the flip side breakfast is the bomb.

@ClaireKnox: Does Andy think Spencer looks like David Brent? 

Andy: As good looking as Brent is, I actually think @SpencerGeorgeM is better looking… 

@CallieDance: What does he think of TOWIE? 

Andy: I think TOWIE is great, hilarious in fact, and @lucy_meck is beaaauuuut.

@Jenny_journo: Andy! Apart from Louise, if you had to go for any other MIC girl, who would it be? 

Andy: It’s hard to pick one as they are all great… would have to say Binky, although for obvious reasons I’m not trying ATM.

@Sophunderwood: What flavour ice-cream do you think Louise would be?

Andy: I think @LouiseAThompson would be more of a sorbet, great to look at and comes with a kick.

… to which Louise replied there and then with: “Hahahahaha I’ll take that!” 

@_XrachX_: Would love a great night out in Chelsea, can u name some places?

I would recommend bars on Walton Street, and then Collection just round the corner is super cool. If in doubt do Raffles.

… to which Proudlock then tweeted: “Haha Andy you are so predictable!”

@pixiedus: Why r u late =P?  

Andy: I was singing in the shower this morning and lost track of time. 

@elisapizza123: Would Andy go out with Sophia?

Andy: Sophia is obviously a looker and very fun to be around, whether we date or not, you will have to wait and see!

@_Vanessa_Hill: Who’s your favourite menswear designer? 

Andy: 100% Boggi, best fitting meanswear, Italians know their stuff. 

@delsamat: Which MIC cast member would be mostly likely to be caught doing a ‘Diags’? 

Andy: It would have to be one of the shows lotharios… @StevieJ_23 or @FrancisBoulle. 

@_XrachX_: How far will u go to get the lovely @LouiseAThompson? 

Andy: I don’t think I would go further than I already have, better to leave her and Spenny to it… 

@KateMPichowicz: If Jamie and Binky don’t work out, would you give it a go with Binky?

Andy: I would hope they work out as they are both awesome, if it didn’t work out I would bide my time…