Tiffany Watson Breaks Instagram With A Topless Snap In Cannes

We’ve got exciting news for you – Made In Chelsea is hitting Cannes for a spin-off series.

Yep, the cast are already in France soaking up the sun and looking totally fabulous (as always) as they film scenes for this summer’s MIC special.

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made in chelsea cannes tiffany watson Tiff’s been looking lovely in a whole host of gorgeous sundresses…


And one person who’s getting well and truly into the Cannes spirit is Tiffany Watson, who’s been swanning around in an array of chic outfits as she hangs out with besties Toff and Jess Woodley.

Last night, however, Tiff was clearly feeling playful, as she only went and got topless on Instagram. Saucy lady!

made in chelsea cannes tiff watson Tiffany Watson shared this arty topless snap last night


Lucy Watson’s little sister posted a photo of her sitting on a rock gazing out to sea, clad only in a pair of denim shorts.

‘Night’, the 22-year-old wrote.

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made in chelsea cannes tiff watson jess woodley Tiff and Jess Woodley also held another topless photoshoot on the rocks…


We thought Tiff looked gorgeous, and that the shot was super classy and tasteful – but as ever, Lucy Watson’s little sister still had to deal with unkind messages about her body.

Thankfully, the comments now appear to have been deleted, and tonnes of MIC fans flooded her feed with support, with one writing to the troll: ‘People like you are the reason people are self conscious.’

made in chelsea cannes We LOVE you, Toff!


‘Looking stunning tiff! What a beaut’, praised another. 

The only cast members not present on the trip are Lucy Watson, James Dunmore and Binky Felatead’s ex, JP.

That last one is probably for the best, TBH. We can’t wait to see what unfolds…

made in chelsea cannes Binky shared a group shot of her and the cast on one of their first nights there…