This Word Bothered People On Yesterday’s Made In Chelsea

So last night’s Made In Chelsea was a bit of a dramatic one, wasn’t it?

We saw Binky Felstead and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson’s relationship come to an end. All because she’d, er, gone out drinking with her friends.

Okay, so it did later transpire that she’d kissed someone else. But JP hadn’t been aware of that when he first did the dumping (over the phone, no less).

Binky Felstead was seen looking miserable as she woke up post-split


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A heartbroken Binky, 25, was seen confessing to her mum: ‘I didn’t even 100% know I’d kissed someone when I told him. I only found out later.

‘He was like: “I love you so much. But you obviously still want to go out and get drunk with your friends!” I hate cheating. But then why did I do it?’

Binky Felstead’s mum offered some pearls of wisdom


Oh, Binks. Later on, JP and Binky had a couple of serious conversations. Although surprisingly, they weren’t down by the river.

Referencing her wild chick antics (e.g. one night out in Chelsea), JP told Binky: ‘It’s when you’re with these people who you call your friends you lose control. But when you’re with me, or you’re with my friends, you never go out of line.

‘It’s not about control. This is love – because I know who you are. I have your interests at heart.’

JP Patterson wept as he put the final nail in the coffin


Binky did have an idea as to why she may have cheated, saying: ‘I wouldn’t have done what I’ve done if I was totally happy, I’m obviously craving something.’

And friends including Lucy Watson and Rosie Fortescue agreed.

But while the split hit viewers hard – one Tweet read: ‘My hearts never hurt as much as it did watching that. Serious heartbreak’ – it wasn’t the actual break-up that broke Twitter.


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Instead, it was the fact that JP and Binky continued to call each other BUBBA as they said their final words to each other.

Messages included: ‘Cant handle Binky and JP saying ‘bubba’ every 2 mins on made in chelsea,’ ‘Sorry but I feel uneasy watching Made in Chelsea #bubba,’ and: ‘i’d be wasted if i took a shot every time binky or jp said bubba in that last scene of made in chelsea [sic].’

Louise Thompson and Rosie Fortescue tried to understand Binky Felstead’s actions


We’ve gotta admit, there was a lot of bubba going on.

Unfortunately for bubba-loathers, it looks like the Binky/JP saga will be continuing next week, so we’re afraid you may have to hear it a few more times. Sorry.