How Did The MIC Girls Get Their Nicknames?

The cast of Made in Chelsea are known for their weird and wonderful nicknames – take Binky and Caggie for example.

But have you ever wondered where they came from? Well, according to Tatler, there’s a method when it comes to picking these bizarre nicknames.

The magazine claims that the origin of these names often lies within British boarding schools.

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Apparently, nicknames are formulated by friends in order to give each other a sense of individuality, ‘in an environment where people are only called by their surnames’.

Hmm… Interesting.

Tatler also believe that ‘boredom and silliness and long nights in dormitories’ are a reason why nicknames often came about.

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They also explain that nicknames can be influenced by family members, as seen in super posh, aristocratic families.


So, what about the MIC girls? Well, Caggie Dunlop has admitted that her nickname came from her big brother, who couldn’t pronounce ‘Catherine’ when she was born. Aw.

Whilst Binky (real name Alexandra), earned her nickname as she is ‘the youngest – small and dinky,’ according to her sister Anna-Louise.

Last year, Tatler released a ‘Sloane name generator’ allowing readers to find out what their posh nickname is, and all we can say is…



By Megan Wiseman, otherwise known as Muffy Wodehouse Ingleby