What’s Going On With MIC’s Alex Mytton And Frankie Gaff?!

The trailer for the next episode of Made In Chelsea: Cannes has us seriously worried...

If you, like us, tuned in to the first episode of Made In Chelsea: Cannes this week, you’ll know that there are about to be HUGE fireworks on the horizon. And we’re still reeling, tbh.

Jamie Laing and the gorgeous Frankie Gaff have hardly had the smoothest of rides, with Jamie cheating on the pretty blonde beauty during that ski trip (NO, Jamie), but Frankie eventually forgiving him.

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And on Monday, we saw the couple on the up, with Frankie surprise her man by turning up in Cannes earlier than expected, which was all rather cute. Until… Wait, what’s this? There’s about to be more drama for the couple?!

In the teaser for next week’s episode, we saw Jamie revealing to Frankie that he’d actually had two girls (who weren’t his girlfriend, we might add) in his bed during his first few nights in the South of France, which was upsetting enough.

alex mytton

You sit and think about what you’ve done, young man…

But then, we saw a livid Jamie storming off during a big MIC dinner after he found out that BFF Alex Mytton had been laying it on his lady… Whaaaat?!

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frankie made in chelsea

Frankie looked upset as the rest of the gang told Jamie what she’d said about Alex

During a conversation with Tiff, we saw her asking Frankie: ‘Did Mytton try [it on]?’, to which Frankie replied: ‘It was more of a case of, if I wanted to, I could have.’

Alex and Frankie? Flirting? Getting cosy? Surely not?! And it seems Twitter has reacted just like we did. With total disbelief.

‘Did Alex bag frankie then??? Wtf #MadeInChelsea #mandem #MadeInChelsea’, wrote one confused viewer after seeing next week’s trailer.

‘Typical Alex then #MadeInChelsea’, tweeted another.

One fan, however, had a rather more controversial opinion, saying that they thought Alex and Frankie actually made a good pair…

Hmm. Add to the mix the fact that Olivia and Alex also appear to do the dirty on next week’s episode, and only one thing’s for sure – expect FIREWORKS.