Made In Chelsea: 5 Things You Missed From Last Night’s Episode

Made In Chelsea

just keeps getting better and better. We’d actually go as far as to say series five has been one of the best yet – more cheating, arguing and napkin throwing than ever before, and we’re hooked.


But just in case you were in a bank holiday hangover haze yesterday and missed Monday’s fabulous offerings, we’ve totted up the top five highlights from last night’s episode. You’re welcome. 



Lucy and Stevie moved in together. We know – random, right? But after realising Stevie blatantly fancies his female roomie (he accidentally ‘forgot’ to buy a bed in the hope that she’d invite him in for snuggles), we reckon them shacking up is all part of the baby-faced boy’s elaborate plan to woo Watson. Ooh Stevie, you sly dog.


2. Andy and Louise are OFFICIALLY in love.

Yep, despite having only been dating for approximately 12 minutes, a smitten Andy took little Weez aside during Lucy and Stevie’s housewarming party and hit her with the following: “
I always thought I’d be a naughty boy and I didn’t want to fall for someone at this age, but I can’t help it. I am in love with you.” Aw!


3. Spencer and Victoria HB once snogged.

After Mark Francis and Victoria accidentally stumble upon Spencer and Jamie’s ‘no pants party’ at a posh tailors, Mr Matthews reveals the unlikely duo kissed when they were “like, 12”, and were neighbours. Who knew?


4. Alex, the new guy, is hot.

But we predict major drama around this one. Within 30 seconds of him standing by a bar looking fit in an aviator jacket, Phoebe (who dated him for three years), BFF Olivia and Lucy (who was his date for the night) had exploded into a bitch fight. In the wise words of Swifty: “We knew you were trouble when you walked in…”

5. Lucy makes the best lady-player ever.

Spencer finally got a taste of his own medicine when Lucy decided on a new action plan to play the love rat lothario at his own game. Between reeling men in bars in with lines like: “I’m so single, it’s disgusting” and ignoring Spenny’s longing glances as she flirted with new boy Alex in front of him, Lucy had those treat ’em mean tactics nailed. And guess what? It worked! Bravo, lady.


By Robyn Munson, 28th May 2013 

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