Made In Chelsea: 5 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Episode

Made In Chelsea has done the impossible and brightened up our Monday nights no end with all the dramas of being an extremely posh person. The LOOK office is so abuzz today with the outrageousness of last night’s episode, we can hardly hear ourselves think.

So we thought we’d share with you 5 things we’ve learned from last night’s show:

1. Upper class girls = even posher relatives. Binky’s Mummy Felstead is the surely the most la-di-da lady who ever lived. Seriously. Helen Mirren could play her in a film.

2. They don’t all have St. Tropez yacht-tans. We learn Ollie Locke has shared a bed with Oscar, who apparently applies 70 SPF hourly!

3. Saying you’ve been expelled is the new chat-up line. When Fran asks Andy out for drinks and snogs him on a rooftop bar, Fran’s chat-up line involves telling Andy the number of expensive schools she has been booted out of.

4. Eating cheese in bed together is a thing. Ashley ditches Ollie, because she’s a bit freaked out that he shared a bed with Oscar, but to be honest we were more confused by the bedtime dairy consumption. Is “eating cheese” a new sexy euphemism? Doesn’t it give them nightmares?

5. Posh boys make nervous bad boys. Finally, naughty Spencer admits he slept with someone else in Louise’s bed. Ouch. Calls Louise a ‘social embarrassment’. Ouch again. But it’s the sweating that gives away he’s not so used to being a playaaah.

By Lucy Hancock, 30 April, 2013

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