The cast of Made In Chelsea at the BAFTAs 2013

Made In Chelsea: 12 Reasons Why We (Still) LOVE It!

Made In Chelsea is already well into its fifth season and we’re hooked! Our favourite posh gang are back and between Spencer and Louise‘s break-up, Jamie‘s new beau Tara and Lucy and Binky‘s surprising friendship, it hasn’t disappointed.

There’s still only one place to be on a Monday night (in front of the TV with your mates and a bottle of wine) so here’s 12 reasons why we still can’t get enough of Made In Chelsea!

1. There are more awkward silences than ever before (obvs!).

2. Louise has finally seen sense. Throwing the napkin at Spencer made girls everywhere cheer – you go, girl!

3. We still love to hate Spenny (and secretly want to watch Millie slap him again!).

4. It’s now easy to predict that when one of the cast heads down to the river that some sort of drama is going to go down… which makes watching so much more tense!

5. Francis’ skateboard made a reappearance – yay!

6. Jamie and Proudlock’s ridiculous Lost Boi’s matching BFF tattoos – really boys?

7. We can now officially add “parday” and “boi” to our vocabulary.

8. The gang have made it OK to drop everything just to go on a spontaneous ski trip (we’re planning our own MIC-style hol any day now).

9. We’ve grown to love Andy’s larger-than-life nostrils and cannot imagine the show without their flaring.

10. We still want Louise’s gorgeous hair

11. …And Binky’s super-glam, straight-talking Mum Jane on speed dial for when we need a relationship pep talk.

12. Finally – because, in the words of Francis Boullewho’d have thought they’d get a BAFTA for being posh?

By Sophie Hay, 14th May 2013

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