Made In Chelsea: 10 Things We Learnt From Last Night’s Episode

Made In Chelsea FINALLY returned to E4 last night with an epic opening episode to series five. 

It’s fair to say that we’ll be cancelling all our Monday night plans from now until eternity to find out where Spencer Matthews is going to live, whether Louise Thompson will take him back, if Francis Boulle can get any cuter and what will happen between Andy Jordan and those uni lady pals.

Last night’s episode is all we’re talking about in the LOOK office this morning, so just in case you missed it – or if you just can’t get enough of the SW3 gang – check out the 10 things the LOOK ladies learnt from series five, episode one. Enjoy. 

1. No matter how rich you are, or how groomed, you will always look like a giant grizzly bear in a brown fur coat. Jamie Laing, Spencer Matthews – we’re looking at you. 

2. Rosie Fortescue has the best wardrobe. We want to visit her house and play with her hat collection. 

3. Jamie Laing’s bank manager secretly wants to be a Lost Boi. Why else would he rock up to Jamie’s hotel room and conduct a meeting in the aftermath of a party, while the star is naked, with a pair of knickers on the table. 

4. Louise would win a gold medal if the Olympics introduced a napkin-throwing sport. (And we totally think they should).

5. Louise wears some sort of NASA-developed mascara that never EVER runs. No matter how much she cries.

6. Millie Mackintosh has the glossiest lips and best eyelashes we’ve ever seen. Yeah, we stared at them a bit. 

7. FRANCIS BOULLE JUST GOT HOT. Not that he wasn’t before, mind. It’s just that his argument with Spencer and his fighting for Louise has made us melt. He’s our knight in shining armour on a skateboard.

8. Ollie Locke looks really good in his pants. 

9. Binky Felstead and Lucy Watson are the most glamourous joggers we’ve ever seen. 

10. It’s only going to get better. Is it Monday again yet?

By Rebecca Martin, 9th April 2013

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