Made In Chelsea’s Toff Gets Upset By A Tweet From E4

MIC's Georgia Toffolo has hit back at a tweet from E4 mocking her being dumped by Francis Boulle...

Made In Chelsea‘s Georgia Toff had a tough ride on this week’s episode. Because Francis Boulle, how COULD you?!

The blonde beauty has been hankering after MIC original Francis all series, and finally, things seemed to be looking pretty rosy for the pair.

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But on Monday’s episode, we saw love rival Olivia Bentley confess her love for Francis, and Francis deciding that actually, he’d like to give Liv a try instead. BUT WHAT ABOUT TOFF?

Well, the episode ended with Francis having to break the news to Toff that he would rather them be ‘friends’, despite having been enjoying bedtime romps with her just days before. Naughty Francis.

And despite it being totally horrible for Toff, she could at least take comfort in the fact that everyone on Twitter had her back. Well, except E4 themselves, that is.

Toff was left unimpressed when E4 tweeted a ‘funny’ meme showing Toff getting dumped by super geek Richard and then Francis, with the caption: ‘This feels awfully familiar… #MiCSOF’.

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And quite rightly, Toff hit back. Because, since when is it okay to have a right old laugh at a girl’s genuine heartbreak live on social media? Come on, guys… A little bit more sensitivity?

‘This is a bit savage?’, Toff replied, clearly a little put out by the show creators’ tweet.

And she had plenty of back-up, with one Made In Chelsea fan replying: ‘Hang in there Toffie-pop’, and another adding: ‘DW Toff, I’ll always love you.’

Thankfully, Toff’s spirits seemed to have improved by the end of that night, with the blonde beauty returning to social media to thank fans for their lovely words.

‘Bit overwhelmed by your lovely kind tweets tonight thank you so so much’, she tweeted to her 88k followers.

Any time, gal. WE LOVE YOU, TOFFY!