Made In Chelsea Viewers React To Sam Thompson’s Meltdown Last Night

AND Sam seemed to have some strong words on Snapchat, too...

Made In Chelsea viewers were treated to a true contender in the battle for the series’ best meltdown in last night’s ep.

One of the main storylines of this series, which is set in Ibiza, has been the fallout from couple-of-three-years Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson’s ‘summer break’ which – surprise surprise – didn’t go all too well.

And it looked like poor Sam reached breaking point in last night’s episode when Tiff brought hunky Pablo as a date to the gang’s dinner party.

Despite the fact Sam was actually sitting and chatting with Mimi – who he had been having a whirlwind romance with on the trip – Sam was furious that Tiff was moving on right in front of him.

‘For f**k sake, he’s so beaut,’ Sam seemed pretty fed up when he saw Pablo (a professional volleyball player, model and barman) enter the party.

But ‘pretty fed up’ soon turned to ‘seriously hacked off’ as he raged at his ex: ‘Why are you doing this when you know I’m here?! All of my friends are here!’

And after a lot of rowing between the former couple, Sam shockingly exclaimed: ‘You’re doing a great big Spanish c**k!’

Erm… That’s what we call taking things a tad too far, Sam.

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However, viewers seemed to find the outburst pretty hilarious, taking to Twitter to share: ‘Sam saying ‘you’re doing a big Spanish c**k’ is the best moment in the whole of Made In Chelsea

Other viewers thought that Pablo telling Sam to ‘shut up’ was an even better moment, tweeting: ‘#MiCIbiza Pablo telling Sam shut up was the best thing of #MadeInChelsea Sam sitting next to mimi and calling tiff out is a joke lol [sic]’ and ‘The spanish guy on made in chelsea ‘so shut up’ that sam well and truly did shut up [sic]’

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But were fans of the show #TeamTiff or #TeamSam? Well, it’s been pretty mixed, tbh.

One viewer wasn’t impressed with the Chelsea lad: ‘So Tiff isn’t allowed to bring a date but Sam can sit next to the girl he b***ed? #madeinchelsea #doublestandards’ whereas another thought it was in fact Tiff who was in the wrong: ‘Tiffany gave Sam a hard time for having a “thing” Mimi and it turns out she did the exact same! Nah man double standards #MadeInChelsea’

Sam appeared on Celebrity Big Brother recently

But even Sam himself seemed to find the whole episode very entertaining, as he took to Snapchat to commentate through the drama.

After calling his ex and her friends ‘witches’, Sam moaned: ‘I tell you, I spend my whole journey on Made In Chelsea just being told I’m a d**k by those two. Literally, being on Big Brother made me realise how happy I am just to hang with people who aren’t calling me a d**k, I spend my whole life on that show being a d**k, why do it?’

‘I don’t actually want to be at that dinner table, nice suit I’m wearing so I’m happy about that, but I don’t want to be there,’ Sam told his fans as he watched the drama unfold. ‘Everyone’s a lemon, basically all the girls.’

And once he had finished listing the co-stars that didn’t particularly like him: ‘She thinks I’m a d**k, she thinks I’m a d**k, Pablo thinks I’m a d**k, she thinks I’m a d**k,’ Sam finished his online rant with some harsh words for Tiff’s new hunk: ‘F**k off Pablo, you d**k.’

The lad says it how it is!

By Emily Jefferies