The Made In Chelsea Plane Crash That’s Freaked Fans Out

Some of the Made In Chelsea crew have been involved in a plane crash off the coast of Costa Rica whilst on the way to film a special episode...

You know those terrifying situations that you never think will ever happen to you, except then it does? Well, that’s exactly what the Made In Chelsea crew went through earlier this week when they found themselves in a plane crash in the seas of Costa Rica.

The MIC crew were flying to a location in Costa Rica to film upcoming episodes for the E4 show when the plane plunged into the sea at around 6pm on Wednesday.

Scary stuff.

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Coast guards are said to have rescued five people on board, who were then taken to a nearby hospital to be examined by medical professionals.

Thankfully, the four were unharmed, and none of the Made In Chelsea cast were directly involved – the people on board the private plane were two senior producers and two technical directors from the show – and the pilot is also safe.

The cast were on a separate plane at the time.

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‘Four of our Production Team on Made in Chelsea, produced by Monkey Kingdom, were involved in a plane crash earlier today (UK time) in a resort in Costa Rica’, an E4 spokesperson told The Mirror.

‘We can confirm that all four people and the pilot are safe and unhurt. No cast were onboard.

‘We are grateful to the emergency services in Costa Rica for their assistance in this serious incident. We have taken immediate steps to ensure those involved have every support locally and our priority is to return all cast and crew home.

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‘We ask that the privacy of everyone involved in Made in Chelsea, both on and off screen, is respected over the coming days.’

The special has reportedly been abandoned for now, as the crew recover from the accident, which is thought to have been caused by bad weather.

But it’s ‘too early to say’ what will happen with resuming MIC filming, with the spokesperson adding: ‘Everyone’s priority at the moment is the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.’

We’re just glad everyone’s okay.