Kim Kardashian’s Whistlestop Tour Of Europe

Kim Kardashian’s daughter isn’t even born yet, but she’s surely the most well-travelled nought-year-old on the planet.

While most pregnant women would be lying on the sofa eating cheesy puffs, Kim’s been jetting her way across Europe, Kardashian-style.

In the past week she’s hung off the side of a yacht in Mykonos, Greece, and been whisked off to Paris in a private jet (thansk to babydaddy Kanye) for a babymoon. Next, she was spotted scoffing scones in London’s swanky Dorchester, before racing to The O2 to shake her booty at Queen Bey’s incredible (trust us, we’ve seen it) gig.

We’re not even pregnant and we feel tired just writing about all this! Meanwhile, Kim’s holding it down for glam pregnant ladies everywhere and still squeezing into her stilettos – there’s not a swollen ankle in sight.

Hats off to you Kim, you’re made of stronger stuff than us!

By Lucy Hancock, 2 May 2013

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