People Are FURIOUS At Site Selling Dogs As Accessories

We’ve just discovered something that’s making us wish it was April Fool’s Day all over again. 

Online clothing shop has found itself at the centre of a social media storm, after promoting a ‘Dogs’ shop. 

Yup, the website boasts a ‘Dogs’ category – which sits alongside ‘Clothing’, ‘Shoes’ and ‘Bags’ – listing them as ‘one of a kind accessories’.

The introduction on the homepage reads, ‘From Dachshunds to Great Danes, Pugs to Poodles, shop Lyst’s exclusive new selection of live dogs – one of a kind accessories guaranteed to make an impact.

‘The new Canine Collection comprises 33 different dog breeds, from petite XS puppies to oversized companions, in a choice of six wearable colourways. Find the right dog to match your wardrobe from our curated selection of breeds that are as stylish as they are loveable.’

>Jai’me Jan from shared this letter on Twitter…


Needless to say, social media was quick to pick up on it. 

After Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson caught wind of it, she branded it ‘disgusting’, before bringing it to the attention of the RSPCA and PETA UK. 

She tweeted, ‘How can you speak about a living thing like this??? @PETAUK @pupaid something must be done.’

The RSPCA wasted no time in responding. 



Users were quick to make their feelings known, with comments including: ‘this is actually vile, they’re talking about them as if they are accessories, they’re living creatures’ and ‘that is the most wrong, gross and also totally bizarre thing I have ever seen!!’ [sic].

The RSPCA also tweeted, ‘We are not involved in this stunt and are trying to make contact with @lyst in various ways to express our concern.’

Many believe it’s so ridiculous that it MUST be a PR stunt. In fact, believes it has traced some of the below tweets back to one social media company, so it’s all looking a little suspicious. 

>Tweets of ‘happy customers’ started to emerge on Twitter


Even if this is the case, we feel that any message portraying a furry creature as a fashion item isn’t a good one. 

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Or for accessorising with that outfit…