Lydia Bright Speaks Out About *That* TOWIE Criticism

The Only Way Is Essex star has been getting a lot of stick since the new series aired, and she's just broken her silence about angering viewers...

Lydia Bright has been receiving some pretty harsh comments about the new series of The Only Way Is Essex, and we’ve been left feeling quite sorry for her TBH.

First up, there was that heartbreaking conversation between her and James Argent. The Majorca special showed Lydia and Arg going through yet another rough patch, but this time, things got particularly ugly.

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One scene showed Lydia having a blazing shouting match with her ex as she told him she ‘despised’ him.

Lydia and James Argent have gone through some serious ups and downs over the years

The scene, which followed their break-up back in May, resulted in Arg leaving in floods of tears – and fans reacted very strongly on Twitter.

In Lyd’s defence, you can never know everything that goes on between two people, and with what they’ve been through in the past, we can’t judge her for getting emotional.

Lydia Bright Chloe Lewis

Lydia Bright is close with her TOWIE co-star Chloe Lewis

But that was far from the end of the drama for this little lady, as she was also seen having an explosive row with Megan McKenna.

Yup, Lydia and close friend Chloe Lewis confronted her, and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Fans appeared to take issue with how ‘harsh’ they believed she was being, and Lydia has spoken out about all of the criticism that’s been thrown her way.

Posting a snap of a relaxing cocktail, the 26-year-old said, ‘You can’t be please everyone all the time.

‘Had a really bad day, sad to hear I have angered so many viewers. Cheered myself up with some TLC at the salon and a cheeky glitter cocktail.’

Fans rushed to offer her words of support, with comments including: ‘You can’t please everyone, just be true to you’.