Lucy Watson And Stephanie Pratt’s Feud Continues On Twitter

Along with the rest of us, Lucy Watson tuned in to catch up on the episode three drama from this series of Made In Chelsea.

Sure, she’s already lived through it. But, if our lives were a telly show (we’re waiting for the phone call to come through any day now) we’d totally want to see how it all comes across, wouldn’t you? EXACTLY.

But for this sassy SW3 resident, it must have just been one edge-of-the-seat moment after another. And it seems that it wasn’t going down well on Twitter.

Things have got pretty tense amongst the girls in Chelsea. In case you missed it, single Stephanie showed an interest in Binky’s bad boy ex Alex Mytton. Lucy was not impressed, and their feud has now turned its attention towards her own relationship with James Dunmore.

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Lucy wasted no time in live tweeting her side of the story. She cryptically revealed, ‘Some people have an innate ability to screw people over whilst making themselves look like the victim.’

Yikes. All eyes turned to Stephanie Pratt.

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She followed up, ‘If anyone believes she didn’t know they were together that’s hilarious. Ever heard of Instagram? Please don’t fall for the fake.’

Oh, the SASS.


It seems as though poor Lucy was getting a bit of a hard time from viewers. She responded to one comment, ‘Maybe don’t follow me if its so hard [to watch me]’.

The reality star hit back at her social media critics, ‘Like me or hate me, I will never put on an act for the cameras.’

If there’s one thing you can rely on from this lady, it’s some straight talking.

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Stephanie Pratt didn’t exactly stay quiet on Twitter, either. Replying to one viewer, who called ‘double standards’, Steph argued that Lucy ‘gets her own rules’.

She later said, ‘I will always say sorry when I value a friendship or relationship – Even when I haven’t done anything.’

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Lucy summarised, ‘Things I have learnt from this ep: I have bad posture, I can’t do my own hair and fake crying gets

Signing off for the night, she hinted that parts of the drams didn’t make it onto the screen, ‘You don’t see everything. If you don’t trust my judgement, don’t follow me.