Lucy Watson Opens Up About Relationship With James Dunmore

Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson has become one of our favourite sassy reality stars. 

One thing’s for sure, she’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. 

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And it seems that she carries this both on and off screen. 


It’s no secret that Lucy had her fair share of heartache, particularly when dating Chelsea’s resident bad boy Spencer Matthews. So fans looked on with joy as she became closer and closer to nice guy James Dunmore. 

Speaking out about their relationship, Lucy has revealed to OK magazine: ‘He was a bit mysterious to me. I just felt like he was a really nice person and I kind of pursued him really…’

We don’t blame you, Watson.


Unsurprisingly, the feisty TV star admits that she wears the trousers ’90 per cent of the time’.

She goes on, ‘Every now and then he’ll pipe up and shut me down. I think that’s necessary, though, otherwise I’d just walk all over him. One could say that he’s maybe the secret boss, because he can just put me in my place if he wants to’.

Lucy reveals the first time that the pair exchanged those three little words: ‘The first time he told me he loved me was on the beach at sunset in Los Angeles, so that was quite romantic… He’d die if he knew that I’d said that, but anyway.’