How Lucy Watson Deals With Other Girls Around BF James

We all know that Lucy Watson is the QUEEN of the evil eye.

Even when we’re snuggled up on our sofas, we can’t help feeling a teeny bit nervous when the 25-year-old pulls one of her fearsome looks on Made In Chelsea.

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But it’s not just her co-stars who’ve been subjected to Lucy’s glares. In fact, anyone who comes near her boyfriend James Dunmore is at risk of incurring the stunning brunette’s wrath.

Lucy and James have been dating for almost a year, and she’s admitted that she’s very ‘protective’ of her man.

She tells OK!: I’m very protective and maybe more inclined to be jealous. So if I was out with James and girls came over to him, I’d probably give them a death stare.

> Lucy Watson is ‘more inclined to be jealous’


‘But he goes out a lot with his friends and I obviously won’t be there, so it’s just important to trust him, and I do.’

Luckily for Lucy, it doesn’t seem as though she has much to worry about.

> Lucy Watson is known for her, er, expressive face


Thanks to her facial expressions, the majority of West London’s female population are already too terrified to go anywhere near James.

He jokes: ‘I think girls are scared of Lucy so I genuinely don’t think they’d come up to me on a night out. She loves it!’

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> How cute are these two together?!


Lolz. Ah Lucy, we love you for being so open with your feelings.

And with the new series of MIC set to air next month, we can’t wait to see what you and James will get up to. We wonder who’ll be on the receiving end of a death stare…