Lucy Watson’s Already Got A Post-Made In Chelsea Venture

The 25-year-old's has swapped our TV screens for her own YouTube channel...

Lucy Watson may have quit Made In Chelsea (*sob*), but we’ll still get to see her on our screens.

Our computer screens, that is. Because the 25-year-old is now turning her hand to YouTube. Ooh.

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Earlier this week, Lucy revealed that she’d filmed a beauty tutorial with make-up artist Summer Dyason, captioning a clip on Instagram: ‘New video up on my channel ?@summerdyason is showing you how to do my go to photoshoot look using #crueltyfree products. link in bio, check it out ☝?️.’

Summer also let fans know that the video was live, writing on her page: ‘First YouTube tutorial with the lovely @imlucywatson is up ?? make sure you head over to Lucy’s channel and check it out!’

Of course, Lucy is a dedicated vegan and supporter of animal welfare. So she wanted to make a point of only using cruelty-free products.

Lucy Watson has confirmed that she's leaving Made in Chelsea

Lucy Watson has confirmed that she’s leaving Made in Chelsea

Explaining that she’d be showing fans how to copy her smoky eye, Lucy says in the vid: ‘So today we used products from Sleek, Makeup Geek, Charlotte Tilbury and Ciaté.

‘They’re all really cool, some of them are really affordable and they’re all cruelty free.’

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But unfortunately for Summer, it sound as though she may have got in a teeny bit of trouble for the accessories she’d brought with her.

Lucy continued: ‘One thing we have realised is that Summer’s brought her own products today and I’ve noticed that the brushes she has aren’t cruelty free.

Lucy Watson loves a smoky eye

Lucy Watson loves a smoky eye

‘So I’m not going to name and shame her, but it’s not something that we want to promote, so we’re not going to be talking about the brands of the brushes today.’

She then urged viewers to invest in cruelty-free brushes, saying: ‘They are expensive, but I think if you’re thinking about replacing the brushes you have, maybe they’re looking a bit tired or damaged, then definitely go for cruelty free, for sure.’

We’re excited to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve, lady!