Corrie’s Lucy Fallon Reveals Something About Bully Lauren

We’ve all found Bethany Platt’s bullying storyline in Coronation Street a little hard to watch.

The teen – who’s played by 20-year-old Lucy Fallon – has been suffering at school for quite a while now.

But while she’s been targeted by a cruel group, the main perpetrator of the abuse is Lauren, AKA Shannon Flynn.

> Bethany Platt’s main bully is Lauren (far right)


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Thankfully, Shannon is nothing like her on-screen character. But Lucy has revealed something a little interesting about the 19-year-old actress.

She tells OK!: ‘She’s lovely. She’s really nice. She was actually at the audition for Bethany so we spoke to each other there.

‘She’s really lovely and she plays the part really well because she’s nothing like that in real life.’



Despite Shannon being nothing like her bullying alter-ego, Lucy’s admitted that some of their scenes are still incredibly tough to film.

She continues: ‘There was actually a scene where I was crying and I was really crying. It took me ages to stop.’

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And unfortunately for Lucy, things are only set to get worse for long-suffering Bethany.

> Tina O’Brien plays Lucy Fallon’s on-screen mum Sarah-Louise


A spokesperson says: ‘It’s a slow burner. It’s going to go on for months and months. We’re not just using it as a quick storyline and then move on to something else.

‘We’re looking well into the Autumn. There’s not going to be a quick resolution.’

Let’s hope Lauren eventually gets the comeuppance she deserves…