Why We *Loved* How This Series Of Our Girl Was Left

SPOILER ALERT! Some fans seemed to be a little upset by the final episode of Our Girl. But here's why we're defending it...

The current series of Our Girl came to an end last night.

WE KNOW. What are we going to do at 9pm on a Wednesday now?

The BBC drama has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for weeks, as we’ve tuned in to see what might happen next for Georgie Lane, played brilliantly by Michelle Keegan.

2 HOURS to go!!!! Throwing back to episode 2. #ourgirl @bbcone 9pm ??

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There’s been the constant threat of Abu, who kidnapped Georgie as she worked her humanitarian mission in Kenya at the beginning of the series, and last night the threat came to a head as the Mancunian Corporal came face-to-face with her captor.

Proving just how heroic she is, Georgie ditched her wedding day to rush to the aid of Abu’s college girlfriend, after realising that she was, in fact, the target.


Of course, there’s been another key storyline running alongside the gripping Army drama.

Yup. Who does Georgie love more, Elvis (played by Luke Pasqualino) or Jamie (Royce Pierreson)?

One glance at social media showed that this was the question on most viewers’ lips.

Despite the fact that she was all dolled up in her wedding dress, Georgie’s ex didn’t look like he was going to give up anytime soon.


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And, even though she’d walked away from her Army career the day before, she didn’t think twice about dropping everything to run to the scene of the threat and save the day, with Elvis by her side. Well, in Georgie’s words, ‘you can take the girl out of the Army…’

With Georgie’s dad letting Jamie down at the altar, and that ambulance scene between Georgie and her former fiancee, the scene was set for an emotional reunion.


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But, instead, Georgie chose to put her job – and herself – first.

Some fans seemed a little disappointed:

Well, there’s always a place for true love.

But we happened to LOVE the ending.

Why shouldn’t Georgie be a strong, independent woman? Why shouldn’t she put her own mission before anything else? Why did she have to choose a man?

Others seemed to agree:

Besides, now that another series with Michelle Keegan has been confirmed (hoorah!), it’s been left pretty open if you ask us.

And we can’t wait.