Love Island’s Tyne-Lexy Rants About Olivia Attwood On Twitter

The former Love Island lady hasn't been shy on social media...

Former islander Tyne-Lexy did not have the best luck during her brief stay in the famous Love Island villa.

After not connecting on a romantic level with any of the lads, Tyne then admitted – after coming out the villa – that she found it hard to be accepted by the girls t00 – name-dropping Olivia Attwood and Jess Shears.

After last night’s episode – which, to recap, saw Olivia and Chris decide to take a Ross And Rachel style ‘break’ (because that ALWAYS ends up well, doesn’t it?) – Tyne-Lexy shared her thoughts with her followers on Twitter.

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Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Feeling sorry for new girl Georgia, who caused a rift in the group when she chose to couple-up with Amber’s boyfriend Kem, Tyne tweeted: ‘It’s a shame Olivia feels the need to gang up on the new people when they haven’t done anything to her …. deja vu… #loveisland’ [sic].

Dropping some pretty big hints, isn’t she?

And it didn’t stop there.

The blue-eyed beauty went on to support Chris through the drama with Olivia: ‘Chris should not have to put up with Liv’s s*** and the way she treats him, he can do so much better ! I just wish he knew it’ [sic].

She then went on to admit that she just wanted ‘to wrap Chris up in bubble wrap’…

The ex-islander even continued to suggest that Liv may want to move on from Chris with new controversial character Theo: ‘Wouldn’t surprise me if Olivia doesn’t start cracking on with Theo #loveisland’.


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Will these two Love Island ladies ever be able to reconcile?

Something tells us the drama is far from over, both in AND out the villa…

By Emily Jefferies