Love Island’s Tom Says Sophie Could Be ‘Too Late’

Tom Powell has broken his silence on Sophie Gradon, who left the Love Island villa last night. And hopes of them rekindling their spark are not looking good.

Speaking of Sophie’s decision to couple up with Katie Salmon just days after he’d left the villa, Tom told The Sun: ‘I don’t know if we can move on from this. I think the trust is totally gone.’

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Tom added: ‘My head is gone. I have no idea what to think. Two days ago I thought we were over for good – I thought she had moved on and she was happy and now it’s flipped on its head and she wants me. I’m in two minds. I don’t know if it is too late.’

The Welsh hunk also denied that he’d hooked up with that mystery blonde we saw on Snapchat (Tom shared a photo of a topless girl standing in a bedroom, and was slammed for it).

But how does Sophie feel about it?



‘I feel like Tom is a very reactive person and I feel he would have just reacted to what he has seen with Katie and me’, she told Now.

‘That’s very typical Tom, but I’m sure that it isn’t anything we can’t work out. It doesn’t surprise me. He has an ego he has to protect. We’ve got to work at it.’

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Hmm. It looks like working at it is something they both agree they need to do. And Tom hasn’t written Sophie off completely, as he tweeted that they had already spoken on the phone.

‘We’ve agreed it’s late were gonna speak tomorrow when she’s home and settled back in.’

We’ll have to wait and see if these two go the distance, we think…