Love Island’s Terry Says He Still Cares About Malin

Love Island‘s Terry Walsh might have come to blows with his ex Malin Andersson on the show, but he’s just hinted that he doesn’t see things as totally over for them…

Since leaving the villa, Terry and Emma have been spotted on a couple of shopping dates, have enjoyed fine dining at Nandos, and have also had a couples’ takeaway night in. Aw.

But whilst Terry’s clearly moving on with his new lady, he seems to have softened in his opinion of Malin since leaving the show.

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> Malin has been keeping busy since leaving the Love Island villa…


‘[I definitely plan to make amends]’, he told Reveal. ‘I never wanted to leave it like we did. I still care about her.’

Blimey, well that’s a turn out for the books. We can’t help but wonder how Emma will feel about that, especially since she’s made her feeling for Ma very clear…

‘I miss all my exes’, Terry continued. ‘I haven’t broken up on bad terms with any of them. They’ve played a big part in my life.’

> Terry also managed to sneak in a cheeky haircut since returning to his home soil…


When asked if she thought Terry could cheat on her outside of the villa, Emma recently said: ”No. As much as everyone is doubting this fact at the moment, Terry is very honest so if we decided that we weren’t working, or met someone else, we would end it.’

‘But we’d still stay friends. Terry hasn’t done anything to me so I’m not going to hold what he’s done in the past against our relationship – it’s pointless.’

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> Emma insists she trusts Terry, and has even tweeted about *marriage*…!


Sounds like a pretty level-headed outlook to us. Still, she does seem pretty smitten, if her most recent twees are anything to go by.

Whilst enjoying a night in with Tel, Emma took to Twitter to make a very bold statement about her tattooed lover: ‘When he knows the local pizza place number off by heart… Marry him’, she posted.

Marriage, already?! Hold on, girl. Let’s give it a few more weeks, eh?