Scott Thomas Reveals Conspiracy Theory About Love Island’s Camilla And Jonny

Could this be why they ended things?

When Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow ended their romance on last night’s Love Island, hearts across the UK were shattered.

It all started from a pretty deep conversation about feminism. The debate began light-heartedly, when Jonny said he would always pay the bill on a date.

But when Camilla insisted she’d prefer to pay her half, Jonny revealed he would feel ’emasculated’.

Camilla looked disapproving, so Jonny asked her if she was a feminist – to which she responded: ‘Well, shouldn’t everyone be?’

Yes, Camilla!

When the conversation delved further into the issue and Jonny admitted he sometimes thinks that women have almost more opportunities than men, Camilla had had enough.

The situation then got even worse when Jonny overheard Camilla talking about the situation with the rest of the girls.

That evening, the couple called time on their romance, with Jonny admitting he can never even be ‘one per cent’ of himself around Camilla.

Fans of the show were rooting for the pair, and it seemed they were devastated when it all ended.

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However, former Islander Scott Thomas had a theory as to why the relationship didn’t work.

‘I’m starting to think Jonny might just be using this issue as an excuse and he wanted to swerve Camilla anyway,’ he suggested.

Ooh, could this be true?

A follower of the Manchester lad shared their view: ‘Interesting, but do thin he was genuinely upset by it all. He knew it would be hard work and was willing, but it became impossible!’

To which Scott replied: ‘I also agree x.’

Very interesting…

Scott also shared his joy for his fave Islander Marcel when he finally got the kiss with new girl Gabby: ‘Marcel for the win.’

However, he shared a warning for the 2017 contestants: ‘These couples thinking the only way is up from here,’ he captioned a video. ‘Roll in the bombshells.’

He even warned people that the happy couples weren’t going to stay happy for long, writing: ‘This is @LoveIsland guys! Thinks won’t stay honky dory for longggggg.’ [sic]

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Could Scott be right about everything?

Tune into ITV2 at 9pm to find out…

By Emily Jefferies