Love Island’s Olivia And Alex Are Tested By New Arrivals

Tonight’s Love Island saw eight new guys and girls auditioning for a spot in the villa. And let’s just say the process was a little testing on the current couples…

We’ve been watching Olivia and Alex’s too cute romance develop as the days have gone on, but tonight, the arrival of the new girls left Olivia feeling a little insecure.

To be fair, it didn’t help that ALL four of the girls who came into the villa said that they fancied Alex (lucky boy!). But it was Katie, who got picked to stay by the boys, who ruffled her feathers the most.

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One of the challenges of the audition involved the girls having to kiss three of the boys all over to win the most lipstick marks, and an upset Liv was forced to watch new girl Katie smooch her way down Alex’s buff body. Eep.

She then ended the challenge by planting a smacker right on Alex’s lips, much to the girls’ shock. And let’s just say Twitter really felt for Liv.

‘Seriously if I was Olivia I would have flew through that window haahahahh, would have none of that #LoveIsland’, one viewer tweeted.



‘Olivia was so chill in that #LoveIsland challenge and I admire her because it doesn’t run in the names, I was fuming for you girl’, said another.

Whilst another summed up our thoughts by posting: ‘If Katie gets in the way of Alex and Olivia I’ll cry. #LoveIsland.’ Pleeeease let Liv be happy!

Afterwards, Olivia explained her insecurities to Alex, who broke the news that Katie had confessed to fancying him. 

‘She said she fancied you? I get so insecure’, Olivia said.

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‘I told the boys, “I’m happy with Olivia”, so no stress’, Alex replied reassuringly. Aw. 

‘In past relationships I’ve been cheated on and it’s a new girl that’s come over and taken him away, so its just brought back that feeling’, Olivia said in The Hut later on. ‘I just thought the worst of Alex when actually it wasn’t his fault.’

We’re pretty sure Katie might have her eye on another lady in the house, Liv (looking at you, Soph). So we think you can rest assured she’s not after your man. For now, at least.