Viewers Are Suspicious Of Love Island’s Mike After His Chat About Jess

It was always going to be a topic of discussion following Mike's return to the villa. And fans think his explanation was VERY telling...

Last night’s episode of Love Island saw ‘Muggy Mike’ settle back into the villa – much to the joy of the three single ladies, Olivia Attwood, Tyla Carr and Georgia Harrison.

But one question on EVERYONE’S minds was: What on earth really happened with Jess after she left the villa with Mike?

And as the brunette hunk chatted to the boys, the topic immediately came up…

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‘Did you guys believe it?’ Mike asked the lads, who all said they didn’t.

But seeming rather surprised at this, Mike questioned: ‘You don’t believe it?’


When Alex asked if it was true, many believe that Mike seemed uncomfortable. Well, he has had to defend himself a number of times already.

He smirked before replying: ‘Nah…’

But viewers were left confused when he then added: ‘No, I’m not saying.’

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And we’re afraid things got even worse for Dom Lever, as Mike later had a private chat with Marcel Somerville where he claimed that there could have been even more to his ‘thing’ with Jess than people first thought.

In hushed tones, Mike opened up to the former Blazin’ Squad member.

He told him: ‘Listen, I’m telling you now yeah, she’d be with me. Trust me.

‘She’s got to do what she’s got to do though.

‘I said to her, “Go do your thing, you don’t owe me nothing.”

‘And, to be fair, Dom was never my mate. He made no effort with me, we had two conversations. I got on really well with her when I came out.’


Confessing in the Beach Hut that he doesn’t, er, ‘give a s*** about Dom’, it seems the speculation is FAR from over.

Following the allegations in last night’s show, viewers have been left convinced that there is more to the story than Jess and Mike originally let on.

Reactions on Twitter included:


At the time of reporting, neither Jess or Dom appear to have reacted to the Love Island moment. But, as you probably know, both Mike and Jess have spoken out about the allegations previously.

Jess, who has reunited with Dom, told Caroline Flack on Aftersun: ‘Absolutely nothing happened. It’s almost laughable.’

Mike added: ‘We are just friends… She’s a good-looking girl but I don’t fancy her.’

Either way, Mike is already causing a stir now he’s back in the villa.

What’s going to happen next?!

By Emily Jefferies