Love Island’s Kady And Scott’s Snapchats Get A Reaction On Twitter

Kady was clearly feeling mischievous last night... And Scott had something to say about it

We always knew Love Island’s Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas were always a feisty pair, but not even their fans could handle their Snapchats last night.

The cute couple have been going from strength to strength since leaving the villa, and have not only met each other’s families, but also each other’s pals – just yesterday, Kady was seen joining Scott’s cute reunion dinner with longtime friend Vicky Pattison.

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But amidst all of these relationship milestones, the couple are still winning our hearts by bickering just as much as they did in the villa. And we have to say, Kady is a total wind-up.

Love Island fans were left very amused last night when Kady decided to terrorise her man on Snapchat, and they were quick to congratulate the pair on their hilarious #relationship goals.



Between making fun of Scott’s vanity when he was caught watching videos of himself on his phone, to twirling his beautiful curls into very dainty unicorn peaks, Kady was clearly feeling very mischievous around her man yesterday.

love island kady snapchat

But ever the good sport, Scotty took it all in jest, and even took to Twitter to reply to fans who were loving Kady’s work.

‘Love that Scott is putting up with it! So funny’, one fan wrote, to which Scott replied:

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‘@kadymcdermottx snapchat is making me very jealous of @scottyspecial … #goals’, praised another

Whilst a third tweeted: ‘Love watching @scottyspecial and @kadymcdermottx on snapchat. They are the cutest. Perfect couple.’

We couldn’t agree more. Because what’s life if you don’t get to wind your nearest and dearest right up, just for your own amusement, eh?!

Love ya, Kady.