Love Island’s Emma Has Broken Her Silence On *Those* ‘Cheat’ Rumours

The Love Island star has spoken out against a tweet that claims she had been naughty whilst on holiday without Terry...

Fans of Love Island – us included – were left a little heartbroken when one of the couples was hit with ‘cheating’ rumours.

Because, LOVE.

It all started with a fan’s screengrab of a text conversation. The messages started doing the rounds after they were tweeted (and later deleted).

The conversation in question seemed to suggest that Emma might have cheated on Terry whilst in Magaluf. WHAT?!

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Of course, those rooting for the couple held onto the hope that it could have been totally made up, or just a misunderstanding.

And we can all breathe a sigh of relief because, according to Emma, that’s exactly the case.

The Love Island lady has wasted little time in coming forward to blast the idea that she would cheat on 28-year-old Tel.

Speaking to OK!, the reality star explained: ‘There is absolutely no truth in this matter.’



The ITV2 lady continued, ‘I was there with my manager for a PA and I did expect after being on the show there would be so stuff like this after I was there. But this is my life I have enough going on with stuff as it is, this is the last thing I need.’

Terry Walsh doesn’t seem to have commented on the rumours yet. After sharing a Nando’s reunion with his girlfriend, he later tweeted about booking a last minute flight to Ibiza.

A guy pal tweeted: ‘When @terrywalsh88 surprises u and turns up in Ibiza the quiet night goes out the window…’

Today Emma tweeted about ‘missing proper sun so much already’, so perhaps she’ll join him out there soon?