Love Island’s Chris Is NOT Happy With One Former Islander

There seems to be something of a social media feud brewing between Chris Hughes and Tyne-Lexy Clarson...

Love Island‘s Chris Hughes has jumped to the defence of his lady.

The 24-year-old does not seem happy with one of his former islanders, after hearing their accusations about Olivia Attwood.

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Tyne-Lexy Clarson arrived onto the show as one of the bombshells alongside Gabby Dawn Allen, but was sent home after not making any romantic connections.

The reality star, who has previously spoken out against Liv, has now admitted that she believes Chris’s girlfriend might have forced his family to remove her from social media, now that the series has ended.




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What’s more, the 20-year-old seems to have alleged that Olivia ‘bullied’ her during her time on the ITV2 show.

And Chris is not happy.

After seeing the headlines, the Love Island finalist took to Twitter armed with a screenshot of her claims.

He wrote: ‘Bantering? I unfollowed you and you begged it. Stop accusing my girl of anything to stay relevant, grow up some years! @tynelexyclarson’.

He then followed up with another tweet, reading: ‘Done’ski. Gotta back your girl always. One day people will stop using others for attention, that’s the simplistic reason behind this. Love…’

So, what started the social media feud?

Well, in a chat with OK!, Tyne said: ‘I speak to Amber, I WhatsApp Chloe, Gabby, obviously Chyna and that too.

‘But when I came out, I got on with Chris and his family followed me from his account when he was still on the show, and then as soon as Olivia came out I was removed from everything Instagram, Twitter the lot, but I think it was Liv.

‘I messaged him and said: ‘Are you OK?’, and it was seen and then ignored. Me and Olivia don’t see eye to eye really.’

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According to the publication, Tyne admitted that she found living with Olivia and her close friend Jess pretty difficult.

Opening up about her experience on the show, she reportedly said: ‘When we were in the villa, Jess and Olivia were really horrible to me to the point where the executive producers were sent in to say to them stop bullying me basically because that’s what they were doing…’

Olivia and Jess don’t seem to have responded to the claims.

But Chris certainly doesn’t seem to be having any of it.

We sure hope that the drama ends here.