Apparently Some Of The Former Islanders Aren’t Happy With Montana

We did not expect this...

This year’s series of Love Island gave us even more drama than we could have hoped for.

The islanders have now said their final farewells to the villa (sob) but it seems to have been revealed that a few of the contestants didn’t always get along as well as we’d thought…

Chris Hughes and his lady Olivia Attwood touched down in the UK yesterday, having made it to third place.

When asked who wound him up in the villa, Chris revealed that it was actually Montana Brown who he struggled with.

What?! This seems a bit out of the blue.

But Olivia revealed the real reason Chris and Montana clashed: ‘She put him in his place which he didn’t like.’

‘Her opinions were so irrelevant…’ Chris explained.

‘And everything was aimed at me. I had to bite my tongue a lot because if I’d have just said one thing I would have erupted at her. I actually bit my tongue,’ he added.

Pretty unexpected, no?

‘She just grated on me, it’s not like I didn’t like her,’ the island hunk clarified.

‘I could do something right, completely normal, but she would just back Olivia,’ he said.

Well, girls will have each other’s backs…

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It looks like Chris isn’t the only one to have spoken out about Mon’, as controversial Mike ‘Muggy Mike’ Thalassitis was apparently caught trolling the Hertfordshire girl during her Instagram Live last night. Awkward.

As Montana answered fan questions, the footballer wrote on the feed: ‘Corr and people thought I was dry’.

Ouch! And it only got worse…

Slamming the stunning brunette, some pointed out that Mike also commented: ‘Nobody cares what you have to say’ before teasing her: ‘Do you like ham?’

Montana is yet to respond to either Chris or Mike’s comments.

But we hope that there’ll put any drama behind them for the Love Island reunion show on Sunday.

We need our fix!

By Emily Jefferies