Twitter ‘Cringed’ At *This* Love Island Moment

Love Island’s new lad Adam has been having all of the fun in the villa so far.

The Irish hunk was given the opportunity to date three girls of his choosing, taking them to a vineyard to sample some aromatic lemon cordial. Yes, really.


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He was quick to take Olivia as his first choice. And sparks definitely seemed to fly.


Zara, who might fancy him a teeny weeny bit (although we’re not too sure on that one), was not very impressed to have not been picked. We mean, she cooked him eggs and everything. 

Poor lamb.

But she WAS up next (phew) and wasted no time in getting to know her school girl-style crush (her words).

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Unfortunately for Miss GB (oh, didn’t you know? Zara is the current Miss Great Britain), Twitter found her date super awkward to watch.

Social media comments included: ‘OH MY GOD ZARA MAKES ME CRINGE SO MUCH I ACTUALLY CAN NOT #LoveIsland’ and ‘Nooo Zara dropping the Miss GB bomb 2 seconds into the date! #LoveIsland’.

Whilst another viewer wrote, ‘Wouldn’t be shocked if Zara showed up to her date with Adam in a wedding dress #LoveIsland’.

Oh, Zara.

We think she’s a sweetheart, and really hope it works out for her on the show…