One Couple Was Missing From The Love Island Wrap Party

Last night’s Love Island wrap party saw a whole load of the Islanders reunite in London for one last time.

The gang were understandably excited, with many of them tweeting throughout the day in anticipation of coming face-to-face with their best pals from the villa.

And what a night it was. We saw boys Scott Thomas, Tom Powell, Adam J, Terry Walsh, Alex Bowen, Daniel and even Javi all posing for slick snaps on Instagram, looking more dapper than ever.

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love island wrap party kady malin Malin and Kady look *gorgeous* in a sultry selfie at the Love Island wrap party…


And as for the girls? Well, Olivia Buckland looked totally gorgeous in a blue and pink cut-out dress with a pink duster coat thrown over the top, whilst Emma Woodhams opted for a sexy white bandage dress.

Malin Andersson was also there looking smokin’ in blue, whilst Kady McDermott, Tina Stinnes, Cara De La Hoyde, Liana Isadora Van Riel and Lauren Whiteside all posed for cute girls’ snaps together.

But hang on, isn’t there one glaringly obvious couple that’s missing?!

emma olivia at the Love Island wrap party... Olivia and Emma both opted for fitted mini dresses at the Love Island wrap party…


WHERE were Rykard and Rachel?

Because out of all of the Instagram snaps, we didn’t see either of them in any. Which is especially weird, seeing as Rykard tweeted earlier that day: ‘Beautiful day for a reunion.’

We were gutted not to see the happy couple hanging with the gang last night – did they pull out last minute? Or perhaps they were there, and have yet to put up any pics? Total mystery.

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rykard rachel daniel and terry westfield shopping Rykard and Rachel met up with Terry and Daniel earlier in the week to go shopping in London…


Still, at least we can report that they are basically in love. Awww.

When asked by the Daily Star if she was thinking of the L word yet, Rachel replied: ‘I think so, we are pretty much there.’

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love island wrap party rykard tweet Rykard has tweeted his excitement for the Love Island wrap party earlier in the day


‘We’re really close, it’s crazy how close the show brings you’, she continued. ‘Obviously you’re put into that situation straight away where you’re living together so it’s almost done backwards. Since coming out, our relationship’s developed so yeah, I’m really happy.’

Yay. Still, we missed you two last night!

rachel rykard Where were you guys?!