What Love Island Winners Amber And Kem Spent Their Prize Money On

These two have been splashing out...

This year’s winners of Love Island were Welsh dancer Amber Davies and Essex barber Kem Cetinay.

It’s safe to say the pair had a rocky Love Island journey to begin with, but after making it official in the villa, they’ve seemed smitten ever since.

But there’s one question that’s been unanswered so far: What did they spend their £50k prize money on? Well…

Kem and Amber won Love Island 2017

Speaking to The Sun‘s Bizarre column, Amber revealed: ‘I bought myself a Chanel bag. I thought to myself: “Well I did win the show,” so I treated myself to a celebratory Chanel bag. Just one handbag isn’t going to hurt is it?

‘Kem has bought hundreds of trainers, trainers and trainers and trainers. I leave that to him. He has spoilt me rotten too though. I feel so lucky.’

Aw, you two! But do they have plans to move in together soon?

‘We have decided not to move in for another year,’ the brunette beauty said. ‘We live 30 minutes away from each other and we’re both getting cars. I’m only 20 and Kem is 21 – we’re too young to be moving in together just yet.’

Kem and Amber went official in the villa

But fear not Kember fans, the couple have landed themselves a presenting gig on Good Morning Britain, so they certainly won’t be spending much time apart.

‘I am ready for it. I am going to fill Piers Morgan’s shoes but I’ll make everyone feel welcome,’ Amber explained. ‘My dream would be to get another TV show or to do more presenting. Hopefully something will stem from Good Morning Britain.’

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Eek! We’re so excited to see these two back on our screens.

She continued: ‘I feel like a celeb but I’m still normal. People stop me in the street but I know I’m still me – I’m still just Amber. I will never forget where I’ve come from. All I did was go on a TV show for seven weeks. I am still me and nothing’s changed. Kem and I are really good.’

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That’s SO good to hear, Amber.

By Emily Jefferies