Love Island’s Rykard Speaks Out On His Split With Rachel For The First Time

Fans of the Love Island favourites have been speculating about the reason for their break-up...

It’s safe to say that hearts broke across the nation when news of Love Island‘s Rachel and Rykard’s split was announced.

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Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton met on the 2016 series of the ITV dating show.

You may remember that Ry’ was an original islander, starting out in a couple with Malin Andersson. She then came face-to-face with bad boy Terry Walsh, and we all know how that ended.

Rykard left the show to stay with Rachel in 2016

Rachel joined the villa a little later in the series and, after a slightly rocky start, the pair rode off into the sunset.

The moment that Ry’ announced that he would be leaving the villa to follow his lady home – literally, running down the beach after her – has gone down in LI history.

Sadly, though, it seems as though the love hasn’t quite lasted in the ‘real’ world.

After much fan speculation, Rachel took to Twitter to confirm that they have indeed broken up.

‘Rykard and I are no longer together,’ she shared with her followers. ‘We have decided to go our separate ways but I wish him all the best with his future.’

Many were left wondering about the nature of their parting, considering the reality star had previously shared a cryptic message about how furious she was.

‘Physically shaking with anger,’ she wrote.

Rykard has now broken his silence, releasing a statement via his Instagram Stories.

Explaining how ‘grateful’ he feels for the time that he spent with Rachel, he wrote: ‘I don’t want to “tweet” about my private life.

‘However myself and Rachel are no longer together & haven’t been for a while now.

‘I have nothing but good things to say about her & I’m grateful for the good times we had.’

He signed off: ‘Thanks so much for the love and support you guys gave our relationship it truly was special.’

Rachel and Rykard previously shared a number of loved-up selfies on social media…

Things then took a turn when allegations of ‘cheating’ started to unfold on social media.

In a now-deleted tweet, the reality star responded to a fan who had shared the message: ”Real men stay faithful they don’t have time for other women because they are too busy loving the one they have…’ So sorry Rachel you deserve so much better His loss you were too good for him.’

In response to this, Rachel replied: ‘That’s a good quote’.

It seems that Rykard then felt that he needed to defend himself, as he then reportedly took to his own account to allege that she may have been the ‘unfaithful’ one.

According to NOW, when one fan tweeted him to ask: ‘OMG did @ItsRykard cheat on @RachelFenton_’, the fitness trainer responded: ‘No babe. She secured her thing with some 40+ year old in New York for 2 nights & is also moving in with him.’

This Twitter exchange also now appears to have been deleted from the social network.

He has, however, kept a tweet which reads: ‘We broke up about a week ago. She didn’t want to go public.

‘I’ve just been doing me & frankly I don’t have to answer to anyone.’

No matter what did or didn’t happen, break-ups are never easy or simple. We’re sending them both our well-wishes at this difficult time.